Experience a Less Taxing Process

government buildings

Offices and departments businesses need to deal with are within a few blocks of each other.

An excellent strategic location is one of Wilmington’s major selling points, but just as important is how your company is treated here.

Over the years, we’ve established an excellent tax climate for businesses.

Compare our numbers

  • Our cost of doing business is low – just 88% of the national average.
  • Corporate net income tax is 8.7%
  • Equipment tax is 0%
  • Sales tax is also 0%
  • Historic tax credits are available
  • And we’re very generous with tax incentives.

We'll Get You Off to a Fast Start

Wilmington welcomes and values every company in our business community. Our state, county and city officials know each other and quickly get to know our business partners. Our bureaucracies are not bureaucratic. We’re facilitators, connection makers, red-tape cutters. We understand business needs and how to meet them. And we compete aggressively for your business to make sure you’d rather come here than go there.

One small but meaningful detail of how we make it easy for you to do business here: the various offices and departments you need to deal with are located within a few blocks of each other, so you can literally come downtown and cover all the official bases in a single, hassle-free day.