Wilmington is an exceptional community, with a central location just outside of Philadelphia. The community has diverse and high-quality healthcare providers who extend only the warmest, most comprehensive, and state-of-the-art care to its residents. The providers are committed as leaders in advocacy for the health of Wilmington’s patients, preserve meaningful physician/patient relationships, and empower patients to be accountable for their wellness. 

The community is fortunate to have the support of Saint Francis Healthcare. As a member of Trinity Health, Saint Francis extends emergency care, cancer care, cardiology, women’s health, and family medicine, along with other services. An all-inclusive program for seniors, LIFE (Living Independently for Elders), is offered through Saint Francis as well.

The wide range of home care providers supports patients where they feel most comfortable. Open Systems Healthcare is a team that gets to know the patients, understand their health situations, and is directly involved in the care from start to finish. Whether a loved one is coping with a chronic illness or dealing with normal challenges of aging, the amazing providers of Wilmington bring their first-rate knowledge and care to create peace of mind.

Wilmington’s healthcare providers strive to offer exceptional and convenient services to seniors - making Wilmington an excellent place to age-in-place or to receive advanced care. ChristianaCare Primary Care at New Castle Senior Center supports residents with chronic disease management, preventive health services, and primary medical care. Communicating with patients online using a patient portal assists in meeting residents’ needs immediately.


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United Medical Clinic LLC

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