Wilmington’s cost of doing business is just 88% of the national average. Everything from utility providers to property and taxes are more affordable here than many neighboring cities. 

City Utilities

The City of Wilmington provides water, sewer, sanitation, and recycling services to residences within the city. The Customer Service Office handles the accounting, billing, and collection of all customer utility bills for those services. The office also provides customer service to all residents and arranges connection and disconnection of services.

Utility accounts are billed monthly for service from the 15th to the 15th of the month. Statements are mailed out on the last business day of the month and due by the fifteenth of the following month. 

The City of Wilmington has changed from quarterly utility bills to monthly utility bills.What does this change mean for you? Instead of receiving 4 larger bills per year, you will receive 12 smaller bills per year. Monthly billing makes it easier to manage payments and household budgets, avoid delinquency, track water usage, and avoid huge bill spikes by identifying leaks faster.

For urgent billing requests, please email revenueInquiries@WilmingtonDE.gov or for non emergency service  (e.g. special pickups, water quality test). Call (302) 576-3878 or log a complaint online. The request or complaint will be routed to the responsible division within the Department of Public Works. The issue will be investigated and the necessary steps will be taken to resolve it.


There are multiple broadband providers serving the Wilmington area. They include Xfinity, Verizon, WhyFly and HughesNet. Click here to search for area providers and learn about the internet speeds they offer.