How To Choose Your Next Spoke City: 4 Things Companies Should Look For

5 Mar 2021


The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for businesses to be flexible about where their employees work. Remote work may not be a feasible long-term option for everyone, and bringing hundreds of employees back to a large headquarters may not be possible for some time. For companies looking for a solution, embracing the hub-and-spoke office model could be the answer. 

This model, where a company has a primary headquarters, or “hub,” in one city and a handful of regional offices, or “spokes,” in other cities, has been taking off as companies hope to reach more clients nationwide, give their employees more options for where they can work and find top talent no matter where they are located. 

Once a company has decided to open these regional spaces, however, the question becomes: How can it choose the best spoke for its business? The right city should offer a combination of benefits for both the company and its employees, including access to top talent, reliable public transit options and a well-balanced cost of living. 

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