Breaking Ground: GOLO's Success Story in Wilmington

Breaking Ground: GOLO's Success Story in Wilmington Main Photo

9 Apr 2024

The recent success of GOLO, a rapidly expanding nationally recognized health and wellness solutions company, serves as a compelling case study for Wilmington, Delaware’s potential as a hub for distribution, innovation, and community engagement. 

In 2023, the company began operations of a comprehensive fulfillment center in a recently-renovated 80,000-square-foot warehouse in Wilmington's Southbridge community, which is expected to create over 50 local jobs eventually. The facility will function as the company’s East Coast distribution hub for supplements, exercise equipment, and the new line of frozen meals. The expansive and modern space will also house one of the largest dry-ice production lines in the Mid-Atlantic region, enabling GOLO to supply dry ice to companies across the region.

Strategic location

Before consolidating itsNortheast distribution operations in Wilmington, GOLO’s presence in Delaware included a newly opened corporate headquarters near Newark. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated GOLO's growth due to a shift in consumer behavior towards greater health awareness, pushing its customer base to over four million globally. With existing distribution centers in Las Vegas, NV, Los Angeles, CA, and Dallas, TX, GOLO recognized a need for a strategic distribution solution on the East Coast. The company was drawn to Wilmington for its strategic location and the presence of a large and diverse labor pool.

“Wilmington is an ideal location for us because we can offer two-day shipping to almost 60% of the country,” said Chris Ungerman, GOLO’s Chief Operations Officer. “With one of the largest dry-ice production lines in the mid-Atlantic region, we can also provide dry ice to other companies across the region.” 

Wilmington's proximity to several major transportation routes, like I-95 and U.S. Route 13, allows for that ease of shipping and access to the well-educated, diverse, and skilled labor pool nurtured by reputable educational institutions such as the University of Delaware. 

Supporting good health

GOLO is dedicated to helping individuals and communities achieve a healthier lifestyle through its flagship products, the GOLO for Life® Plan, a servings-based healthy eating program, and the patented Release® dietary supplement. Founded in 2009 by CEO Chris Lundin and President Jennifer Brooks, GOLO gained prominence for its holistic approach to dieting, emphasizing healthy insulin levels, balanced eating, exercise, and proprietary supplements. This approach aligns strongly with the ever-growing trend of individuals seeking comprehensive solutions to support their health.

Community focus:

The consolidation of its Northeast distribution capabilities in Wilmington not only facilitates GOLO's logistical operations but also aligns with the company's ongoing commitment to community engagement. In conjunction with the warehouse opening, GOLO announced the donation of 100,000 nutritious meals from the GOLO Foods line to local food banks, pantries, and community-based organizations over the course of 2024, aiming to combat food insecurity in Delaware. Since launching the program last year, GOLO has exceeded its promise, donating over 200,000 meals to food banks and community food pantries in Delaware, partnering with various local organizations, including the Food Bank of Delaware and the Delaware Regional Dream Center. Additionally, the company has provided critical financial support to other local organizations such as the Ministry of Caring, Sunday Breakfast Mission, Police Athletic League of Wilmington, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Delaware, and Special Olympics of Delaware.

Wilmington has a blueprint for success

A recent ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrated the distribution center, with key leaders like Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki and Delaware Senator Tom Carper in attendance. The mayor welcomed the company and expressed gratitude for its investment in the city, citing GOLO as another example of an innovative business meeting success with its strategic placement in the Wilmington area. GOLO's success and expansion in Wilmington underscore the city's growing appeal as a hub for innovative businesses. Wilmington's favorable location, access to major transportation routes, and supportive business environment make it an attractive destination for companies seeking growth, efficiency, and a business-friendly atmosphere. The city's economic landscape benefits from diverse industries, fostering an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship.

GOLO's expnasion into Wilmington signifies a strategic decision for the company's growth and highlights the city's potential as a thriving business hub. The success of GOLO in Wilmington demonstrates the advantages of locating in the city, providing a blueprint for other businesses looking to capitalize on the region's opportunities. Wilmington, DE, welcomes businesses led by innovative community members like GOLO, and the Office of Economic Development stands ready to assist those seeking to become another local success story.