First round of DE Relief Grants helping 741 businesses with $25.7 million in funds

5 Oct 2020


DOVER, DE – Hundreds of Delaware small businesses and nonprofit organizations have been approved for the first round of DE Relief Grants, the largest cumulative grant award ever made by the State of Delaware to small businesses.

A total of 741 applicants will share $25.7 million in funding through the first round of the program. DE Relief Grants are a joint effort between the State of Delaware and New Castle County administered by the Delaware Division of Small Business.

The median grant award will be $20,000. The typical recipient in the first round had a median annual 2019 gross revenue of just under $325,000.

  • 40% of funding went to businesses with fewer than 10 FTE ($10.4 million)
    • More than half of that went to businesses with fewer than 5 FTE ($5.6 million)

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