The Warehouse’s newest workforce development program focuses on hospitality

17 Mar 2021


The hospitality industry may not be the most stable during the COVID-19 pandemic. But The Warehouse, in partnership with the Buccini/Pollin Group (BPG) and JPMorgan Chase, is looking to the future with its new Teens in Motion: Hospitality workforce development program.

Tyler Akin, chef-partner of Le Cavalier in the Hotel du Pont, will be the coordinator of the hospitality internship track of the program, which he developed alongside his BPG partners at the Hotel du Pont in response to the negative impact he saw COVID-19 having on career advancement opportunities in hospitality.

“While restaurants are facing historic challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, we feel strongly that American dining culture will bounce back — along with the vibrant job market it creates,” Akin said in a statement. “With Teens in Motion, we aim to share the tools for Delaware’s next generation of culinary leaders to find success and meaning in their work.”

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