Forget Scranton, Wilmington Is the Biden City Worth Visiting

26 Mar 2021


After months of staying close to home, being a social distancing Jedi, and not feeling like a travel writer, I finally packed up a rental car, my collection of masks, and a stash of hand-sanitizer to hit the road on a solo trip. After months of dreaming of far flung locales, what would my first destination be? Surprisingly, Wilmington, Delaware.

Since President-elect Joe Biden’s victory speech at the Chase Center, Wilmington’s name has filled ledes and chyrons everywhere. In the past, Wilmington was just that mid-sized city off of I-95, the one you pass by on your way to Baltimore or Washington. For many, it has not been a destination—it’s not even the first Wilmington to come up in a Google search. But those I spoke to in Wilmington recognize the apparent counterintuitiveness of saying, “Hey, come to Wilmington.” After spending a few days in the city, I agree: Get off I-95 and check out Wilmington.

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