Forbes Names Wilmington Among Top 8 Getaway Cities for New Yorkers

7 Oct 2020


Did you see that Forbes recently named Wilmington among the top cities for New Yorkers to getaway alongside DC and Philadelphia? Check out the great things that Katie Chang has to say about visiting Wilmington!

What to do:

Though many associate this Delaware town with politics – Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden resides here – there’s far more to do than hopefully spot the politician out and about. Longwood Gardens, formerly the private estate of Pierre S. du Pont, is an immaculately maintained botanical garden that’s especially dreamy this time of year. Founded by Pierre’s brother Henry Francis, Winterthur is a garden and museum with an exceptionally strong collection of furniture and decorative arts. Want to dive deep into local history? Then visit Hagley, a museum and library where the Du Pont family first settled. But no matter what, stop by Capriotti’s – the original location’s in Little Italy – at some point for The Bobbie, a sub stuffed with all the makings of a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

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